HR specialist spends 20 seconds in average to process your resume. But as soon as you know how to create attractive CV you don't have to worry about this number. Let's create resume that will help you to find a job of your dream.

5 Quick Tips for a Good CV

  • CV is not a novel. You should not exceed two A4 pages, but don't go too far with brevity. Every mentioned work experience should be confirmed with several points of your responsibilities description and what you succeeded in.
  • No spelling mistakes. Stylistics of your CV is also supposed to be good - no conversational slang, but you are encouraged to use professional slang to show that you are familiar with your field environment.
  • Your CV has to be eye catcher. Take care about lucidity. HR devotes up to 20 seconds of his time to your resume. Sometimes even 3 seconds is enough. During this time they should come to conclusion that your CV deserves more time to dedicate. You can choose nontraditional graphics and fonts if you are able to keep clear and stylish look.
  • Truth, only truth. A lot of people yield to temptation to "improve" their CV: change start date at a company, escape naming some jobs and then it appears to be different from what CV HR got several months ago. If they notice such difference, they will estimate such behaviour like frivolous.
  • Let people you know to check your CV. They can find out something that is not totally clear or any kind of inappropriate information.

What belongs to your CV and what is irrelevant

  • Get rid of labels. When describing your responsibilities instead of annoying "Responsible for" or "Main Responsibilities" specifically define what were you really doing, what you have achieved, what were you working on and define results of you work.
  • Don't justify text. Leave it left aligned otherwise unnatural spaces will occur and it would not look nice.
  • If you have long experience, concentrate on the last 10-15 years. Work experience from bygone years doesn't really matter so much.
  • Don't mention your height, weight, religion and political views. Also you don't have to describe reasons why you have quit previous jobs, to write your bosses names, work addresses, salary... you don't have to also attach your photo.

CV step by step:

1. Personal Information

Say your first and last name, contact address, phone number, e-mail.

Usually you define birth date, nationality if it's different from local. But this is not required.

You still can place photo in the header of your CV, but forget about your travel photos or pictures with your pets. Just some neutral photo of yours. Professional portrait photo would be the most convenient in this case.

2. Work experience

  • This part of your CV is the most important. Sort it chronologically from the most recent to the earliest.
  • Attach employer and your position to every experience mentioned. Define year and month of every job start and finish.
  • Describe your work for every position you had, what was your routine duty, what you have achieved.
  • Your CV will look much better if you specify number people in your team, number of customers you got, and growth of your company income...

3. Education

  • Define your highest reached education level. Don't mention secondary school.
  • How to describe your education: school name, title, year you graduated.
  • Write out courses you took and if you had to take exam afterwards.
  • If you still study, define when you plan to finish the school.

4. Other Skills

  • Bring together other experience, like foreign language knowledge, driving license etc. Here you can mention some personal characteristics. Decide what kind of your skills would be profitable for your future employer.
  • Mention other non-working experience, like conferences you took part in, scientific work or publications, some awards and even hobby in case you think those could interest your boss.