Motivation letter narrates the story about why you are the proper choice, why you are the person that should be hired. Good motivation letter will prompt HR specialist to become acquainted with you in person.

Introduction - why are you addressing them?

Skip complements and get to the point. HR specialists are busy people and they need to know straight away why you address them. Specify position that roused your interest. Don't say that your are looking for any position that you are capable of doing. HR guys don't have time to invent a position for you.

Core of your message - why you are the proper candidate?

Don't write down everything you mentioned in your CV. Give just some examples of your experience and success. Prove good knowledge of the field or the company, you would like to work for. Represent your goals. Concentrate on things you can do for the company you want to work for.

Remember motivation letter main goal, ask for interview. Describe when and how they can contact you. If you are sending letter by paper mail, sign it.

A couple of good tips

  • Content has to rouse interest, escape clich√©. The very first paragraph should content exact reason why you are writing and draw addressee's attention.
  • Write original letter for every position you apply. It's content should fit the specific company and the vacancy.
  • Text should be brief and clear. No spelling errors. No typos.
  • Don't be unceremonious or ass-kissing. Be self-confident, but not arrogant. Don't write motivation letter in negative tone.
  • Address letter to specific person.
  • You can raise interest if you mention a person, which your potential employer is acquainted with.
  • Read your letter from employer's perspective before sending it.